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26-Oct-2017 21:14

As to the scent itself, basically it’s a very sweet spicy vanilla. There are so many perfumes I like, even ones I claim to love on my Love-Like-Dislike lists, but this is gorgeous.

It’s not my style (I don’t like such overly sweet fragrances), but for those who crave this type of sugary treats, it’s quite nice and much less cloying than, say, LVEB. I'm lucky that my best friend didn't find it suitable for her, so she passed it on to me.

Il renforçait le noir de sa tenue et ajoutait un coté mystèrieux à sa présence. This just smelled like chemicals to me at the mall. Then I tried Angel for the first time and that smelled yummy and I was relieved I liked something because I'd been trying a bunch of popular scents I turned out not to like.

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The silage is terrific and I bet the longevity is as well.

I had just gotten addict in a swap and I'm smitten! Having worn this a few times in the last two weeks or so, i would say addict is a fall/winter scent or for chilly spring nights.

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