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The GTC's twice yearly journal has been around since 1973, the year after the Guild was started.

The hazy origins of its eccentric name may be hidden in the mists of time but the content of this well-respected magazine is always cutting edge and relevant to working camera crew.

Anyone, including non-members, can click on the cover images below to access the edition you would like to view (apart from the most recent issue, which is for members only).

Clicking on the cover will take you to the online version of that issue and also give access to all other issues in the archive, which is fully searchable.

Not only can members view the latest issue (Autumn 2017, Zerb 86) online but they can also download material from any issue in the archive.

The same permissions apply to GTC In Focus, which can be accessed from the same page.

It's important to me to feel in control of my body.

'While some people may not agree with me I think that this is best for me and it will also help me secure my future.'They follow 26-year-old student Jasmin from London, who hit national news headlines this week after bids for her virginity already reached £100,000.

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Jasmin said: 'I really respect ladies who are traditional and want to wait for sex until after marriage. I am sure about my decision.'Cinderella Escorts rose to worldwide fame after the auction in 2016 of Aleexandra Khefren, a 18-year-old Romanian model who sold her virginity for 2.3 million euros (£2 million) to an unnamed businessman from Hong Kong.

Few of us are lucky enough to own a full set of copies dating right back to 1973 but recently this fascinating resource has been digitised making available more than 40 years of TV history to both GTC members and non-members.

Quite a few back issues are also available for purchase in the Zerb Shop.

According to Zakobielski, the meeting of each girl and the winning client must therefore take place in Germany, with the buyer able to choose a hotel for the night.

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