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This article is a detailed story of a book which, in its time, influenced the Eritrean National Movement in a deep negative way and caused schisms which kept developing, morphing and clustering until today.It details the story and the circumstances that led to the appearance of the book and the reactions which followed its publication.Thus the fascist invasion of Ethiopia proved to be the knockout blow which finished the crippled organization once and for all.When the War broke out, the lot of the Sudanese troops in defeating Italy’s fascist armies in East Africa was the greatest and the most honorable.It is the history which until now stood overlooked and neglected by History.

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Yet, its horrific finale was not witnessed except by a few, when his corpse was found in that miserable room, where the stage curtains fell on a success story, assassinated at genesis.

The battles of the valleys and highlands of Anseba and Keren–which were immortalized in popular songs–and the martyrs and the wounded of the Sudanese battalions were only testimonials to this fact.

And when the British forces accompanied by Sudanese battalions[v] entered the Eritrean capital, Asmara, they were escorting Sudanese teachers, engineers, nurses, musicians, singers, and craftsmen ready to open schools and construct canals, roads, heal wounds, restore life-beats and manifestations.

And as his pen quickly and brightly glowed, it was quickly extinguished, like a meteor rising at the break of dawn, unnoticed –except by nighthawks and late worshipers.

The Sudanese journalist Ahmed Teyfur was a victim of the frivolities of spies, the betrayal of fellow co-workers, and the disgrace and weakness of rulers.These were followed by businessmen, adventurers and spies which the British and the Emperor recognized their role and graced them for their work behind the lines of Mussolini’s forces.

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