Hlstatsx not updating team fortress 2

01-Jul-2017 13:24

hlstatsx not updating team fortress 2-46

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Begin log - Location: Tank Carrier It was a windy night on the desert after so many fails trying to destroy Mann co, that we gave up until one day... Robot Soldier: Yes its seems somebody or something is knocking our tank carrier trapdoor Robot Scout: Sniper go open it and see who's at the trapdoor Robot Sniper goes to trap door* robot footsteps* Robot Sniper: Who are you? Begin log Location Bigrock Michal: *Walks to the tank carrier Michal: What happened? Michal: I might know wasn't that Leonardo that spy?

Login tokens may be acquired via the IGame Servers Service/Create Account web API.

Can create, maintain, upgrade, move, and control buildings.