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There is as much time available, in this lovely summer movie, for a convenience-store dude to marvel at the invention of the Walkman (a personal stereo system!

); for a couple of boy buddies to fight over a girl; for various bodies to be snatched in the best monster-movie tradition; and for townsfolk to gather, united in wonder at something astonishing happening in the sky.

As a result, we gather in wonder too, aloft with pleasure.

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Den Of Geek got to sit in front of a lot of them, split up to make it manageable, and ask them how it was to make a J. Abrams film produced by Steven Spielberg that no one knows much about, but a lot of people should see. And you can't but be friends when you spend so much time together, laughing together. J., as well, just made everybody feel so comfortable.

You seem to go through quite a lot in this film: a big emotional scene, fun and hijinx, action and danger. EF: I think that's what makes really special, great movies, that it has all those emotions in it. They weren't from , and then we had a lot of rehearsal periods, and then we got the script. EF: Yeah, I was so excited about getting it that you wanted to tell everybody, but you really couldn't. So, you couldn't help but hang out with each other. So, we wrote all the lines out and we would hand the scenes to J. And when the movie finished, it's playing over the end credits.

He's not going to tell you before you've seen the film. Because, in the audition process, when I auditioned, the scenes were totally different. actually read it to us out loud and we were all sitting at a table and read it together for the first time. Because it sounds like you couldn't say anything about it to anyone, whether in the lead up to it, or when you left the set. And we were all in West Virginia, in this really small town. He said it had to be a zombie movie, but that was all he told us, and we could do whatever we wanted. But we basically made that film and we had a camera there that filmed us, so we could all say that we've done what our characters have in the movie. But they're both experiences that I had never done before, so it was neat to experience both sides of them.

I got the part when- even before I read the script or even knew anything about it. J.'s on a microphone talking so loud, there are explosions happening, and there's a huge crew, it's totally opposite.

And there's a great film within the film, which your characters are making.

t was a lot of fun like that, which was really cool.

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