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If you are really interested in being up-to-date subscribe to a paleontological news service. Eyewitness to Evolution : by Richard Fortey A chart shows the oldest undoubted fossil occurences of each of the living major groups of animals.

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A display of quality individuals and spectacularly preserved specimens from the type and systematic collections at the Peabody Museum at Yale.Inspired by PALSTAT, it includes common statistical, plotting and modelling functions, using a spreadsheet type data entry form.Screen shots, documentation and download available. The branch of science dealing with microscopic, decay-resistant remains of certain plants and animals. The Dung File consists of a list of references dealing with pollen, parasites, and plant remains in coprolites and latrine fills from archaeological and palaeoenvironmental sites.Father of American Vertebrate Paleontology, he also pioneered the fields of Parasitology and Protozoology, and was the preeminent Anatomist of his time.

He was also an influential teacher of Natural History and an expert in entomology, geology and pathology.At first glance they all look like a cross between a horseshoe crab and a pill bug from your garden.