Sex tonight no cards

18-Oct-2017 20:08

The only thing you know is that I won’t break your hard limits and that I will not harm you in any way.

I turn an hourglass over and point to the sand slowly moving from the top to the bottom.

Should you be doing this while your girlfriend is sleeping?

You deserve the curves, and the company of a beautiful woman late at night.

Victoria takes off her robe and pulls the straps of her lingerie off her shoulders.

You grab her big, bountiful breasts and suck on her nipples.

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Your mind drifts to all the sexy ladies at work, and you slip your hand inside your pants.

Nude and vulnerable but for the leather restraints and the hood over your face.

Die schönsten und liebevollen Frauen aus ganzem Osteuropa, täglich aktualisiert.… continue reading »

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It’s not enough to have more LGBT representation on the small screen if we’re not also represented on the radio and in print.… continue reading »

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