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When he says "those days are gone forever, I should just let them go" he is talking about the Eagle's best years.I also think Frey as the person in the car with "hair slicked back" and "sunglasses on." Notice he never uses a feminine name or pronoun ..."my love for you will still be strong" is cleverly vague enough to mean a friendship as opposed to a romantic relationship. I think this song is about relationships and how we lose all the fun we used to have.All you need to do is click on the name of the store and you’ll get directed to that store’s flyer 🙂 I hope you like this list. I didn't know, until today (some 33 years after I first heard it) that Mike Campbell wrote the music. Kahn borrowed the phrase from a Dylan Thomas poem, "I See the Boys of Summer," which begins, "I see the boys of summer in their ruin...." I've always assumed Henley was inspired by the poem, not the Kahn book, as the themes of the song echo the poem.

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I believe this song is Don Henley's tribute to his broken relationship with Frey, with a message of hope that it can be repaired (I'm gonna get you back) and he can be successful on his own (gonna show you what I'm made of).This song I believe is about lost youth and growing up.The way things use to be on the carefree days of summer. The phrase "the boys of summer" did not first come from Roger Kahn's book about the Brooklyn Dodgers.

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Aug 2016, All the verses are excellent but my best:"Out on the road today, I saw a Dead Head Sticker Ona Cadillac.I've thought alot about the meaning of the lyrics,and found many interesting comments here.

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