Updating inheritable properties in publishing site

01-Jun-2017 16:28

These photos can be quite large, so as is common with sites of this nature, you want to provide smaller thumbnail images to your site visitors.

Now, you can get this functionality using traditional files. You can also store your captions and datestamps in a similar fashion, again separated from the original image file.

Other uses include hanging more friendly names on the revision—it might be hard to remember that revision 1935 was a fully tested revision.

But if there's, say, a that property later is a whole different ball of wax.

But the problem here is that your collection of files multiplies with each new photo added to the site.

Now consider the same web site deployed in a way that makes use of Subversion's file properties. Now your working copy directory looks much more manageable—in fact, it looks to the casual browser like there are nothing but image files in it. They know that they can use (or better yet, they can use the Subversion language bindings—see the section called “Using the APIs”) to dig out the extra information that your site needs to display without having to read an index file or play path manipulation games.

So, when writing scripts which operate on your Subversion repository data, do not make the mistake of assuming that any particular revision property exists on a revision.Custom revision properties are also frequently used.One common such use is a property whose value contains an issue tracker ID with which the revision is associated, perhaps because the change made in that revision fixes a bug filed in the tracker issue with that ID.While Subversion places few restrictions on the names and values you use for properties, it has not been designed to optimally carry large property values or large sets of properties on a given file or directory.

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Subversion commonly holds all the property names and values associated with a single item in memory at the same time, which can cause detrimental performance or failed operations when extremely large property sets are used.

Certain revision properties are automatically attached to revisions by Subversion's commit process, and they carry information about the revision.

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